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Civilian Body Armor

Wake up Americans, your number could be next... You read about it in the newspaper, you hear it on the radio, you see it on television. It’s always the other person that is shot, stabbed and mortally wounded.

When was the last time you heard that crime statistics were going down. Old timers still talk about the good old days when they could leave their doors unlocked and feel safe in their neighborhood.

Can you honestly say that these same conditions prevail today. As recently as 1986 there was no such thing as a State issued resident permit to carry a concealed weapon. Today there are over 4 million in the USA. The permit holders are not hunters, they see themselves as the hunted where crime has become an acceptable way of life. They carry guns to defend themselves against the lawless sociopath's who want to take what they have worked hard to acquire. These dregs of society who have little to lose and much to gain by committing crimes of violence.

While our politicians blame the police and the police blame the politicians, the average tax paying law abiding citizen is being robbed, raped, shot and buried without fanfare or public outcry.

It’s always the other guy that it happens to, until one day it may be you.

Philosopher, Plato said, “Those who fail to learn from mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them”. Simply stated, if you don’t remove the weeds in your lawn, you will have a lawn of weeds!

Over twenty years ago in response to public pleas to arm themselves for self protection, many States permitted its citizens to carry pepper spray gas. This was nothing more than lip service since they also placed a limit so small on the amount to be carried that when used, it enraged the attackers and escalated the brutality against the user.

When citizens demanded a higher level of self protection, many States issued permits to carry firearms. Again it is nothing more than lip service because in the law it was written that it only gave the permit holder the right to carry a concealed weapon, not to use it. Sounds ludicrous but sadly it is all true. Our jails have over 2,000,000 incarcerated and the numbers increase everyday. 

The purpose of this diatribe is simple. It is to advise you of steps you can take to protect your most precious possession….your life. More and more citizens are arming themselves and fighting back against the tidal wave of crime. If you choose not to fight back then purchasing body armor will afford you some measure of protection. Our first line of defense, police and military are armed, yet all wear body armor because it saves lives.

There are no more “safe” areas, but there are untold thousands of illegal aliens and home bred criminals who want to take what you have. Harshly spoken but would you rather be politically correct alive or politically correct dead? The point is moot and we all know it.

There are numerous body armor manufacturers who will not sell to civilians for fear of losing their law enforcement trade. Do not let that deter you from finding a company that will fill your order. We can ship your order in five days.

Maxsell Defender Body Armor
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